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How Buffalo, New York Has Become A Planned City?

Well Planned Road Network

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New York City has the one of the best road networks designed in the world which is well planned, organized and well maintained. Most famous grid plan (road network) throughout the history is the road network of the New York City. The blocks are names as A1, A2, B1, B2 etc.

Apart from the well planned road network, Buffalo has an airport, public transit methods, intercity rail and water ways. Therefore its well planned and superior urban transportation system and the road network have helped the city to become a well planned city.

Properly Divided Zones for Each Type of Land Use

The city is designed in such way where it maximizes the efficiency of the land usage. Areas for education, economical activities and recreational activities are separated to avoid the conflict and the unnecessary traffic jam. There are 292 public schools educating 172,854 students in the metropolitan area of Buffalo. It also includes 3 main universities and 5 private Colleges.

The city is also one of the most active economical areas in the United States. It includes, railroad commerce, steel manufacture, automobile production, aircraft/aerospace design and production, great Lakes shipping, and grain storage, steel production. Also, Buffalo is the headquarters of the M&T Bank (large regional bank with assets over $79B). HSBC USA, Bank of America are also major bankers in Buffalo.

Buffalo has more than 20 parks with multiple ones which are accessible from any part of the city. Olmsted Park is one of the main green areas in the Buffalo.

Apart from that Buffalo is the residence for 250,000 people. But Buffalo became a planned city because it had been able to properly manage these land uses and to maintain the superb operate among each.

Prioritizing Non-motorized Transportation

The department of city planning of New York has taken measures to reduce congestion by promoting cycling in New York City. The main objectives of the plan to implement and maintain New York City's on- and off-street bicycle network;; improve bicycle access on bridges and mass transit; and institutionalize cycling in public and private organizations. By implementing this bicycle planning network the traffic congestion can be reduced as well as environment pollution can be mitigated.

Promoting Public Transportation

Public transit is well popular in New York City. 54.6% of New York commuters go to work in using mass transit. It is pretty obvious that when comparing to the rest of the US, New York City is well-planned because the rest of the US 90% of commuters go to work by private vehicles. New York City has promoted rail transport in an immense way. Using Pennsylvania Station, Amtrak provides connections to Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. along the Northeast Corridor and long-distance train service to other North American cities which proves that the public transit has been well promoted. The main intercity bus service in the city serves 200,000 commuters daily using 7000 buses. When it comes to subway the New York City Subway, the PATH operates 24 hours a day which is really beneficial for the passengers. New York has the largest clean air diesel-hybrid and compressed natural gas bus fleet in the country which leads to mitigate air pollution so the negative externalities could be eliminated.

Discouraging Private Car Riding

Though they had a vehicle depend society earlier now they had realized that system will not survive further. So they try to de-motivate private car riding. Road pricing, chargers on less occupancy vehicles, charging higher price on peak time, car restricted areas, car restricted days, high parking chargers are few methods used by authorities to discourage private car driving to achieve the dream of planned city.

Well Established Traffic Management Policies, Rules and Regulations

America is a country with well established rules and regulations. But the most important thing is they have updated policies which address to present technology, present human needs and thinking patterns etc. Though those rules do not restrict to economical activities, they promote safety, efficiency, effectiveness. So having established regulation system had pave the way to well planed city.

Systems Which Provide Real-time Information

Real time information is very important to drivers and non drivers to make correct decision on time. It will reduce unnecessary movement within the city. So it helps to reduce the traffic congestion in the city.GPS, digital screens, radio massages, services provided by mobile network operators etc support to provide real time information.

High Conscious About Safety

The Office of Road Safety in New York is a multi-agency which takes care on reducing danger to pedestrians in New York City. The office coordinates efforts to control dangerous driving, , strengthen prosecution, urge driver education, support safe street design in order to reduce the number of vehicle crashes that kill and injure New Yorkers and cost the city tens of millions of dollars each year. It is also a vital aspect in a well-planned city.

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