Functions of Sri Lanka Customs

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Sri Lanka Customs

Sri Lanka Customs comes under the purview of the Ministry of Finance and has a staff of over 2000 officers. They are employed at various Customs points around the island, the Airport and the Colombo sea port being the main locations of its offices.

Functions of Sri Lanka Customs

Sri Lanka Customs operates as a Government Department and a point of Revenue collection.

  • Collection of taxes, duties and other levies as imposed by the government, specifically the collection of import and export duty.
  • Implements policy of government with respect to trade and the related regulations to ensure proper enforcement of tariff, trade and social protection policies of the state, such as prevention of smuggling and entry of banned items and persons into the country.
  • To ensure flow of passenger, goods and related means of transport
  • Cooperates with other connected departments like, Emigration and Immigration, Quarantine, Health, Ports and Shipping, Trade & Commerce etc.
  • Implements related international conventions and procedures, and coordinates with the Customs Cooperation Council (CCC)
  • Administers and improve the working of the Department, preparation of Customs Tariffs and procedures.

Departments of the Sri Lanka Customs

  1. Administration Division
  2. Human Resources Development Division
  3. Policy Planning & Research Division
  4. Automated Data Processing Division
  5. Exports Division
  6. Imports & Tariff Division
  7. Bonds Division
  8. Valuation & Post Clearance Division
  9. Baggage & Narcotics Division
  10. Central Cargo Examination Division
  11. Preventive Division