Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Values for Sri Lanka

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Important note:

Geert Hofstede does NOT provide cultural dimension values for Sri Lanka. This article only suggests values as Prof.Geert Hofstede, by comparing the values of other similar countries.


Prof.Geert Hofstede has reviewed this article and he has sent the below comments.
"I hadn’t seen this before. Mr Chaturanga’s estimates look quite reasonable; I had already earlier recognized Sri Lankan culture as feminine rather than masculine." check the discussion page


Our one of the main objectives of this project is to suggest ratings (as suggested by Hoftsede) to Sri Lanka categorized by Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance and Long-Term Orientation.

Hofstede Ratings for Sri Lanka (Suggested)

Power Distance Index (PDI)

Sri Lanka was a British Colony in earlier time. There was a greater centralization in the organizations at that time because most of the supervisors were British people. In India also the situation was same. But even today, although the people in high positions are Sri Lankans we can still see that condition fairly in organizations. They have tall organization pyramids (especially in government organizations). Unlike United States or United Kingdom, Sri Lanka has high wage differences. For example, when a labour gets nearly Rs.15,000 per month, an engineer gets nearly Rs.100,000. But that difference in Sri Lanka is less than India to the best of our knowledge because during last few months government has taken several actions to increase the salaries of jobs in both government and private sector.

Therefore we suggest 68 as the PDI value for Sri Lanka that is fairly less than India, but greater than Unites States.

Individualism (IDV)

Unlike in Western countries, organizations in Asian countries are normally foamed as a family. Even in Sri Lanka we can find that situation. For example, in a funeral or a wedding people from the particular organization gather and help their employee on behalf of their organization. Therefore in a way the organization defends the employee interests. It is a habitual characteristic of Sinhala and Tamil people (Majority of Sri Lankans are Sinhala or Tamil). But India has a number of races. Therefore defending the employee interests in India can be less. So that the value in India for IDV should be less than the IDV value for Sri Lanka.

Therefore we would suggest 50 as the IDV value for Sri Lanka.

Masculinity (MAS)

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. Therefore we have given the equal rights to the women with no doubt. In Sri Lanka more women are in more qualified jobs. Once we had a lady president and once a lady prime minister. The chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom is a woman. We can say we have rewarded enough for the skills of the woman in Sri Lanka. Susanthika Jayasinghe was awarded as an Olympic medal holder too.

Therefore we suggest a lower value for MAS that is less than UK, USA or India. MAS for Sri Lanka should be 40.

Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI)

Sri Lanka has a less uncertainty avoidance. With the Tsunami disaster nearly 50,000 people were died. Our written rules are also not implemented properly in real. Most of our railway crosses have no gates and most of the pedestrians do not use the zebra crossing to cross the road. Therefore we have a greater willingness to take risks. So the UAI value for Sri Lanka should be less than USA. But it should be greater than India. India often gets attacked by terrorists.

Fortunately we have ended our war and have avoided the greatest risk. So we suggest 45.

Long-Term Orientation (LTO)

We can say that Sri Lanka is gradually increasing its long term orientation. We have stated to explore crude oil in Sri Lanka and also we are gradually developing our infrastructure with flyovers, highways. A new port in Hambantota and a new airport in Udamaththala are being constructed.

Therefore we may assign a LTO value for Sri Lanka that is less than Japan but greater than India (India’s most long terms projects were not successful. Their first satellite was fallen to sea after 8 minutes from the launch). The LTO for Sri Lanka should be 62.


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The Hofstede Values Compared to Suggest Ratings for Sri Lanka
USA 40 91 62 46 29
UK 35 89 66 35 25
Japan 54 46 95 92 80
India 77 48 56 40 61
Pakistan 55 14 50 70 0
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