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Important note:

This article is written based on a project handled by the undergraduates of Department of Transport and Logistics Management of University of Moratuwa with the co-operation of Sarwodaya and Disaster Management Center in April 2011.


We would like to give our gratitude to each and every party who gave us the utmost assistance to strengthen the project. First and foremost our heartfelt gratitude must goes to Dr.Sivakumar who guided us throughout the project and encourage us in every aspect. As far as our location is concerned, Sarvodaya assisted us a lot to succeed the objective as well as to find the project and special thanks go to Mr.Idunil who incorporated with us behalf of the Sarvodaya in the above task. Moreover they guided us by giving instructions and their ideas. Furthermore they opened us the path to corporate with the community in the selected area which gave us the privilege to flourish the project. In the process of getting the permission to implement the project, Disaster Management Centre helped us by granting their permission. Special thanks go to Mr.Anura Kalansooriya who granted us the permission behalf of the Disaster Management Centre. As a vital task, we can concern about the importance of sponsoring the sticker. We would like to imagine Investec Capital Management (Pvt) Limited, K.M.G Bandara (Bolgoda Estate) & Sewalanka foundation to give our gratitude with for the assistance they gave us in the above task. From the identification of the project till the end department of Transport & Logistics Management was behind us guiding on each & every step we took throughout the project. Thus our gratitude goes to our department for the maximum support they gave us to ace the project. As far as implementation is concerned, we organized a little function to make people aware about the project via getting integrated 3 groups together. In the process of organizing the function, Loonawa Environment & Community Development Project gave us their support by granting some facilities such as accommodations etc. Moreover we would like to thank two groups who integrated with us to ace the final function which scheduled to be held on 11th of April 2011.


In this project we have emphasized on providing realistic solution for a contemporary issue of an identified community. Thus in the whole process, department of Transport & Logistics Management and Sarvodaya have incorporated to strengthen every step.

As group 4 we inclined ourselves to witness about the issues facing by the community of Moratuwella area. As far as lives are concerned in this area, majority of them are being fed by carpentry & fishing industries. Initially we hadn’t identified a specific issue to implement our project though, as the community was suffering from several issues. As stated by the people of that community, we mainly identified three issues they are dealing with such as difficulty to find a lucrative market for their good quality furniture products, low prices for their fishes due to the domination of middlemen and the unawareness of the people about the safety concerns in a case of Tsunami. As far as 1st and 2nd issues are concerned, they were comprised with several interferences as discussed in our proposal for an implementation of a solution. In fact in 2004, this community has been impacted by the Tsunami disaster and the wreckage to them was immense.

Considering all those facts, we prioritized on proceeding with a sticker project that makes people aware about safety concerns as well as safety places that they can arrive in a sudden Tsunami warning signal without being panicked.

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Moratuwella is famous as a coastal area in the Moratuwa. It has an attractive coastline. It is located nearby the Galle road and railway line. The village is a small strip which is located between sea and Bolgoda River.

Divisional Secretariat  
Grama Niladhari Division  
553 B, Moratuwella west


If a tsunami attacks Sri Lanka again, no one can do anything to protect properties. But our main objective is to contribute to save valuable human lives.

If a tsunami is going to attack, what people in coastal area can do is leave the coastal area as much as quickly to, safer place.

  • What are the safer places?
  • When we should leave?
  • What we should we do?
  • What are the precautionary actions we should take?
  • What’s about valuable things?

Those might be the questions people face.

By providing a sticker which contain, all of these information, at an easily accessible (on their doors) place. As those people see this sticker every day, they will know for sure what they should do at an emergency.

We provide this information to people in coastal area, with the support of Disaster Management Center (DMC), the government body who should responsible to protect these people. While we appreciate support given by them, we should say that our project definitely will make their life easy. The most difficult job is removing people quickly. Our project will provide ability to people to manage themselves, with less intervention from other organization. It will be helpful to government and non government bodies to carry out their services.

We are proud students, who are getting education to become managers in future. To successful in such position it is very essential the ability and experience in tackling, different kind of people in the society. As we mentioned it is our main objective and critical part which can highly affect the success ability of our project.

We think we achieve this objective by getting support of different people such as government officers, NGO officers, sponsors, people who live in coastal area. As well as we should highly appreciate their support.

As human beings it is our responsibility to help humans. Though this is a project regards to our degree, we did this with much wider scope of helping these people. We do not wish a situation where people feel necessarily of our sticker. But in such unfortunate situation, if those people could extract benefits from our project it will be the most important achievement of our objective.

But we wish that the people would never happen to face such a terrible natural disaster forever...!

Official Sticker

Official Sticker

Note: This sticker is subjected to the copyright law. Do not copy. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this sticker is prohibited.

On 4th of April 2011, we met Mr.Anura Kalansooriya (Disaster Management Center representative, Moratuwa) and got the sticker approved. The sticker was also approved by the mayor of Moratuwa.


Our final function was organised at ‘Lake View Garden’ Hall which was located at Station Road, Angulana. It was something beyond the workshop that we decided. We held this occasion with cooperation of other three groups of our colleagues. Sarvodaya, DMC and Mr. Samanlal Fernando, the Mayor of Moratuwa gave their fullest cooperation to make this event a success.

Our main objective of the workshop was to give a complete idea to the people in Moratuwella about the way that they should act in a Tsunami warning situation. We also made the people aware about the Tsunami defensive areas. We also provided them more information about the closest and easiest routes to reach those destinations in our workshop.

Sticker Pasting and Distribution

After the workshop, we visited each household in Moratuwella to paste our stickers on the doors of their houses and the places where people gather. All the group members participated this and villagers were very happy about this project and they really appreciated the project. So they gave their fullest cooperation for this sticker pasting.


  1. Investec Capital Management (Pvt) Limited,
  2. K.M.G Bandara (Bolgoda Estate)
  3. Sewalanka Foundation

Benefits for the Sponsors

There are clear benefits that derive through this project for the companies and organizations that gave their hand. They can be simply illustrated as follows.

  1. The companies that have sponsored for the project can account their help as a contribution of their corporate social responsibility.
  2. The companies that have sponsored for the project will save their time by directly donating their money for the project instead of organizing CSR activities by themselves.
  3. The companies can be highly relied upon the end results of the projects and no misuse of their money since the projects are to be carried out under the supervision of well recognized professionals.
  4. Organizations (Especially NGOs) that are established for conducting social welfare projects will find a greater opportunity to carry out their tasks with sufficiently skilled man power of universities.
  5. Mr. K.M.G Bandara has sponsored our project by donating his own money. This is a good opportunity for him to perform his duties on behalf of the society and get individual satisfaction.
  6. Sewalanka Foundation has funded us and our project is really matched with their objectives. So this project has given them a valuable opportunity to carry out the social responsibility task.

Final Outcome

Though we planned to do our project within 3 months due to several reasons our forecasted timeline was differed from the actual. The main problem was the university closure on 10th December due to a student clash. So group members couldn’t gather for about 2 months, then the university reopened on 14th February. But as the semester end examinations were scheduled on 7th of March students were busy with them also. Thus we restarted our project after examinations with the active participation of each member.

Sustainability of the Project

Sustainability of a project gives impression that it has a long term existence over the barrier of time. Most importantly sustainability of a project provides stake holders the maximum advantage by the efficient usage of scarce resources. So we planned to have a sustainable project at the beginning of our project. So we focused on following aspects in our way to create this project a sustainable one.

  • Who will be responsible to continue this project after us?
  • Does this project has the ability to be expanded and how possible is it?
  • Can we find external parties/Organizations who will support in the process of training community and how to build up a good confidence with those organizations?
  • How can we establish intimate relationships with the villagers winning their confidence?
  • Is the quality of the sticker is high ensuring that it has a long lifetime?

Once we have completed this project we expect to hand it over to the “SARWODAYA” who will carry out the operation of this project further. Since they have good relationships with community associations in the village we can assure that they are the most suitable party to continue our project. When we have a successful operation of this project in Moratuwella village, it can be introduced to other villagers with ease. There are many villages in the Moratuwa coastal area. Therefore project can be promoted via people in the Moratuwella village. Close inter relationships of villagers may assist in this process.

We could identify two parties who are involved in the process of tsunami pre-preparation programmes. They are Disaster Management Center (DMC) and Sri Lanka Air Force. In the sticker we have guided villagers to the “Safety Zones” that are declared by the DMC. So our sticker project is in line with their evacuation process.DMC has ensured that they are going to cooperate with the future proceedings of this project. Therefore we have the confidence that this fact will enhance the continuation of the sticker project. At the beginning of our project we met one of community leaders in the village and he assured that he can bring us the support of community associations and the villagers.

We are also made our plans to have an awareness campaign of this project to the villagers. Therefore we can make sure that villagers will get an idea about our project and give their support. We identified that the quality of the sticker is really vital for the success of our project. Therefore we designed the sticker with a good content that may succeed our expectations. As well as the sticker which we hope to stick on the doors of public will have considerable life time.

Though Sri Lanka was smashed by a devastating Tsunami in 2004 December, the awareness of the people seemed to be faded away recently. But due to the Tsunami catastrophe faced very recently by Japan there is an immense concern in the minds of people about this. This situation will also create our sticker awareness project sustainable.

We have control over this project only during the allocated time. Thereafter we hope to hand over it to external parties including the community. So we completely trust them that they will look after the project very well because our project’s sustainability depends on their actions in the future.

Project Group

Project Supervisor
Project Staff 
  • Gishan Dampahalage
  • Madusha Abeywickrama
  • Kithsiri Kumara
  • Maureya Padmasanka
  • Hiroshika Pathirana
  • Devinda Perera
  • Dilshani Weligamage
  • Lahiru Disanayaka
  • Pasindu Jayasinghe
  • Dinesh Kenady

--Gishan Chaturanga 03:12, 19 May 2011 (MDT)

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