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World History of Aviation (Q and A)

Who was the first person to draw detailed plans for a human-powered Ornithopter?
Leonardo da Vinci- 1485
Who designed the first flight of a model glider in 1804?
Sir George Cayley
The German gentleman Otto Lilienthal crashed and died in his monoplane in 1896. What was he famous for?
He discovered theories about flight. He has also made over 2000 flight in hang-gliders
When and where did the Wright brother achieve their first controlled powered flight?
On 17th of December 1903 in Kitty hawk, North Carolina, USA
What was the name of the aircraft they flew and how long did the flight last?
Wright Flyer-1, flew 500 feet for 12 seconds
Who made the first flight in Europe?
Mr.Santos Dumont (Brazillian)
Who was the first to fly across the English Channel?
Louis Bleriot
Who is known as the father of Naval aviation?
Glenn Curtiss
When was the first Transatlantic ocean flight made?
8th May 1919 - 17th May 1919
The first non-stop aerial crossing of the Atlantic was carried out by 2 RAF flyers Alcock and Brown.
What was the starting point and destination of this flight?
Starting point: St John’s Newfoundland, Canada
Destination- Clifden, Ireland
What was the duration of the flight?
15 hours and 57 minutes
What was the type of aircraft that was flown?
Vickers Vimy Bomber
What was the aircraft that was flown on the first flight from England to Australia?
Vickers Vimy Bomber
Who is Charles Lindbergh?
He was the first pilot to fly alone and non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.
What was the helicopter built by Igor Sikorsky?
Who is the first woman to fly an airplane solo in the world?
Therese Peltier
Name 3 categories of warplanes
  1. Fighters,
  2. Ground Attack,
  3. Antisubmarine Warfare
Who built the first jet engine?
Sir.Frank Whittle - 1930
Dr.Hans ven Ohain – 1936
What is the first aircraft to be powered by a jet engine?
HE 178 (Dr. Hans ven Ohain in 1939)
Gloster E28/39 (Sir. Frank Whittle in 1941)
Who flew the longest flight in history?
Steve Fossett
What was the aircraft flown?
Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer(N277SF)
What was the duration of this flight
7th February 2006 – 11th February 2006 (26,389.3 miles)

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